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William, Kate and Harry set up own companies

<![CDATA[It has been revealed that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have set up individual companies to protect their intellectual property rights.
In order to protect the image of William, Kate, and Harry, each have been registered with Companies House. The move was made in October 2012, preventing anyone from selling products which are 'unflattering' to the young Royals and their 'brand', affording them protection as well as a legal route.
Paul Walsh, of law firm Bristows, said to The Daily Mail: “It means that if something is produced that they [William, Kate or Harry] feel is very detrimental to their image that they could take action against the maker if they wished.”
All three were initially under the name ‘Tyrolese’ registered at Clarence House but, in May 2013, more personal names for the companies were chosen. The new names are not immediately recognisable as being linked with the Royals themselves.
William has chosen the name ‘APL Anglesey’ as his registered name, using his middle-name initials, Arthur Philip Louis, and the isle where he and Kate first set up home. Kate’s is ‘CE Strathearn’. Like her husband, she has used her initials, Catherine Elizabeth, also incorporating one of her titles, Countess of Strathearn, which she received on her wedding day. Harry, who has recently taken an office job in the Army, has chosen the name of an Antelope for his company, ‘Tsessebe’. It is an African animal, which lives in a place close to his heart and where some of his charity work is based.
All 3 have chosen their private secretaries as the directors of their company, with new-mum Kate choosing an extra director in the form of a Clarence House staff member.
Such moves have previously been made by A-listers, like the Beckhams, who are friends of the Cambridges, to protect their brand. However, the couple actually sell items, such as perfumes and aftershaves, under the Beckham brand.
The new Royal companies will not be ‘regular trading arms’, in a statement from Kensington Palace, and so will probably remain unused in such a capacity for the foreseeable future. The Palace has, however, not ruled out William, Kate or Harry releasing their own officially endorsed items in future, perhaps for occasions such as fundraising for their respective charities. This has a very high earning potential, which would be beneficial to any of their patronages.
photo credit: Keith Laverack via photopin cc]]>