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Prince & Princess of Wales

The Princess of Wales shows power of diplomatic dressing

The Princess of Wales has had a year to step into her new role, and with her sartorial display during the South Korean State Visit, it’s easy to see that she’s flourishing in her elevated position.

Catherine first stunned royal watchers as the State Visit got under way in a stunning red Catherine Walker cape coat and dress, paired with a dramatic Jane Taylor wide-brimmed hat. Greeting the President and South Korean alongside her husband, Catherine managed to add flare to her typical style with an enlarged bow on the cape coat.

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The effect was part Jacqueline Kennedy, part Queen Elizabeth II, and part Grace Kelly: with the world’s eyes on her, Catherine took diplomatic dressing to the next level.

And in the evening, at the glittering State Banquet, Catherine debuted the Strathmore Rose Tiara: a diadem that hasn’t been publicly seen in 90 years. The Queen Mother received this floral-inspired tiara in the 1920s as a wedding gift from her family but largely grew out of wearing it by the next decade as she began her royal ascent.

That Catherine would wear a tiara largely hidden away from public view, and one that belonged to King Charles’s beloved grandmother, truly cements her position within the family as his ‘beloved’ daughter-in-law and a future queen in and of itself.

In the past year, William and Catherine have taken great strides in stepping up to their new roles as Prince and Princess of Wales. Largely done through their work, with Shaping Us and the Early Years or in William’s case, with Homewards and the Earthshot Prize, but Catherine’s sartorial upgrade when it comes to state occasions shows yet another way she has grown into and flourished in her role as Princess of Wales.

She dresses as a woman who has earned her place on the diplomatic stage, careful to be elegant and refined, but dazzling enough to earn a spotlight and showcase every event she attends.

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