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Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles and Camilla's last day in Mexico

<![CDATA[The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall's Royal tour of Colombia and Mexico came to an end on Wednesday 6th November as the Royal couple began their journey homeward bound to the United Kingdom.
Although it was their last day, it was still jam-packed with engagements for Charles and Camilla. Their first port of call was Monterrey at the Parque Fundidora where Their Royal Highnesses received an official and very warm welcome from the Governor of the State of Nuevo Léon, Mr Rodrigo Medina and the First Lady Mrs Gretta Salinas de Medina.
Whilst in Monterrey, Charles and Camilla viewed an exhibition showing the State in images, which also highlighted Nuevo Léon's natural and historic attraction. The couple was also treated to a live regional music and dance performance before they feasted on a culinary display which showcased local fare.
The day didn't end there in Monterrey as after their exquisite cuisine, The Duchess of Cornwall went on a guided tour of Monterrey accompanied by the First Lady , their chosen form of transport was a canal boat which took the Duchess along the Santa Lucia Riverwalk, a canal that Monterreyans are very proud of. The canal is one of the most important attractions in the city as it signals Monterrey's transformation from a heavy industrial city to a modern, pleasant and vibrant metropolis. On the tour, Camilla learnt about the historic route and saw the most historic and iconic buildings that Monterrey has to offer.
While The Duchess of Cornwall was busy on the canal, The Prince of Wales kept his feet well and truly dry at the Planetario ALFA in Monterrey where he met with business leaders and young social entrepreneurs. The Chairman of the Board of Grupo ALFA, Armando Garza Sada, greeted Prince Charles upon his arrival to the site and once inside Charles got the chance to meet ten of Mexico's most influential business leaders, mentors and key stakeholders. Prince Charles also met with the Mexican government and business representatives.
What made the visit to Planetario ALFA a bit more special for Charles was his meeting with Glynn Pegler, CEO of The Culture Group and former Prince's Trust Winner.
Before departing Mexico, The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall had just one more engagement to carry out. The final stop for the Royal couple was to open the joint British and Canadian Consulate General. Upon their arrival, Charles and Camilla were greeted by the Ambassador of Canada in Mexico Ms Sara Hradecky, the Consul General of Canada Mr Jean-Pierre Hamel and acting Head of Post of the British Consulate in Monterrey, Mr Carlos Botello.
Whilst on the engagement, Charles and Camilla spoke with members of staff from both Consulates as well as their families and significant members of the local community. Their chosen tipple to chat with? A good cup of tea!
Their final activity in Mexico saw The Prince of Wales and Camilla unveil a commemorative plaque to mark their Royal tour and to signify the opening of the combined consulates.
So as Royal tours go, it goes without saying that Charles and Camilla's Colombia and Mexico tour 2014 has to be one of the most successful ever. The Royal tour had a very heavy and varied schedule for the Royal couple though it provided us with some fantastic and very memorable photos, it makes one wonder where the next stop overseas will be for Charles and Camilla. Wherever the next tour will be one thing is for sure, it will be just as triumphant if not more than this one.
Featured Photo Credit: Northern Ireland Office via photopin cc]]>