Prince Charles and Camilla

PBS to air ‘Prince Charles at 70’ Special

With exclusive access to the Prince of Wales during his 70thbirthday year, PBS has announced that they will air a special on Prince Charles on Sunday, March 24that 8 p.m. ET. (Click here to check for local times.)

An intimate and revealing documentary they follows Charles through the course of 2018, Prince Charles at 70will take a look at both his life at home and his working life.

Filmmaker John Bridcut conducted in-depth interviews with those who know Charles the best. His wife, the Duchess of Cornwall and his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry are said to offer candid insights into the life of Prince Charles.  While there is no word on whether his mother, the Queen or any other members of the Royal family will make an appearance, the film is sure to be a family affair.

Britain’s longest serving heir to the throne, Charles is all about crafting his own role within the monarchy.

“You have to make of it what you feel is right. There’s nothing laid down, what’s what makes it so interesting, challenging and of course. Complicated.”

As Charles works and takes an increasing amount of duties in support of the Queen for his future role as King, the film covers it all. From his home office in London to work trips to Scotland and Wales, the film offers a look into someone who uses their role to make as much good as possible. Or as his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles says, “He would like to save the world.”

For about 50 years, Charles has become an outspoken candidate for environmental issues and advocating solutions to climate change and pollution. Committed to his fight, this film helps to show that the Prince has no signs of slowing down.

Prince Charles at 70 is written and directed by John Birdcut. Executive produced by Simon Berthon, Paapa Essiedu will narrate the film.