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The Sunrise Sussex: names for a royal baby born with the dawn chorus

Almost forty years ago, a May royal baby ended up with a rather unusual name, thanks to the Prince of Wales. When the Princess Royal gave birth to a daughter on May 15th 1981, she made her debut as day broke. And Prince Charles suggested ‘Zara’ which means ‘bright as the dawn’ as an appropriate name for his niece. Now his fourth grandchild, the baby son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has arrived with the sunrise so could his time of birth give us a clue to the Earl of Dumbarton’s first name?

Let’s start with some fairly obvious ones. Lucian means light and has Latin origins while if the Sussexes are tending more towards the Greek side of Classics then Apollo was the god of light as well as poetry and music.

Then there’s Ivar. It’s another name meaning light, this time with Hebrew origins. Kiran is a Hindi word meaning light while Oran denotes the same and is possibly Gaelic, quite appropriate for the Earl of Dumbarton.

Elio is another boy’s name that links to the dawn. It comes from Helios, the Greek sun god and means, you’ve guessed it, sun. Sol is the Spanish world for sun as well as a boy’s name growing in popularity around the UK (thanks, in part, to a certain former Arsenal star and we know how much Prince Harry loves the Gunners).

We’ll end with a curveball. There’s a Hindi name meaning ‘godly light’ that has a bit of a link to Meghan already. The name is ‘Zain’ and in a different spelling it was the surname of the character in Suits that propelled her to fame. Zain, Earl of Dumbarton? It’s got a ring to it.

Royal Central will bring you the news of Baby Sussex’s name as soon as it is announced.

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