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The Scottish filming locations of Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

Netflix’s hit royal drama The Crown has captured its audience in untold waves with gripping dialogue and moving dramatic sequences to portray its true to life story. Making such a drama successful would not be possible without the sprawling canvas it is painted on. Filming locations can often capture the audience almost as much as the story itself.

Enjoyed immensely by the series lead stars, Matt Smith and Claire Foy, The Crown famously claims the “dramatically beautiful” backdrop of Scotland’s highland beauty in the show. Unable to copy the magnificence of HM the Queen’s treasured holiday getaway of Balmoral estate in England itself, The Crown‘s location manager Pat Karam selected the area of Aviemore and its estates to represent the esteemed location.

“It’s not really something you can double in England. We have shot some interiors in London but it would be impossible to duplicate the exteriors, or it would be rubbish if you did. It was always important to us to go to Scotland,” said Karam.

Season one contained footage around the area of Aberdeen, Karam went on to explain. Season two will immediately delve directly into the troubles facing the country’s leading couple, their treasured Balmoral taking center stage early on.

“I’ve always found it very good to film in Scotland. Scotland is a very welcoming place for filmmakers…,” Karam added.

Such tourist locations in Scotland receive an obvious economic advantage in gracing the screen’s of many worldwide, bringing more of their beautiful highlands to the eyes of masses in addition to the hundreds of crew taking advantage of lodging and meals on location.

Kareem went on to explain, “We start on season three next week and I haven’t read the scripts yet, but I’d be amazed if Balmoral didn’t feature. I think Balmoral is probably second to Buckingham Palace as a setting the audience expect to see the Queen in. It would be a big gap if there wasn’t anything in Scotland and I’m positive it will feature.”

Fans can look forward to The Crown season two’s Netflix premiere in shortly over a week on 8 December.