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British RoyalsThe Queen

The Queen reigns in a new poll on royal popularity

Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

A new YouGov poll has placed The Queen firmly atop the list of most popular royals, with a 78% rating across all age groups.

Sitting in second place is The Duchess of Cambridge, who trails by five percent points at 73%. Her husband, The Duke of Cambridge is the third most popular royal, at 66%.

If the ratings are adjusted by age demographic, Kate leads the popularity contest among millennials, with 85%; The Queen is just behind with 72% and Prince Harry sits in third place, with 67% of the vote.

Among Gen Xers, The Queen, Kate and Princess Anne are the top three most popular royals. The Queen receives 73% of the vote, Kate receives 68% and Princess Anne receives 63% of the vote.

Among Baby Boomers, The Queen and The Cambridges are the top three most popular royals. The Queen receives 76% of the vote, as does William; Kate receives 73% of the vote.

Men count The Queen as the most popular royal, with William and Harry in second and third place, respectively. The Queen receives 69% of the vote, William 60% and Harry 57%.

Women place The Queen, Kate, and William in the top three spots. The Queen receives 76% of the vote, Kate 74% and William 70%.

Overall, the top 10 most popular members of the Royal Family (across all ages) are: The Queen (73%), William (65%), Kate (63%), Harry (63%), The Duke of Edinburgh (49%, though he is officially retired from royal duties), Anne (48%), The Prince of Wales (46%), The Duchess of Sussex (44%), Zara Phillips (42%, a non-working member of the Royal Family her entire life), and The Countess of Wessex (31%).

The Duchess of Cornwall is the 11th most popular member of the Royal Family at 29%; The Earl of Wessex follows at 28%; Princess Eugenie at 25%; Princess Beatrice at 24%; and The Duke of York at 17%.

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