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British RoyalsQueen Elizabeth II

The Queen reigns in a new poll on royal popularity

A new YouGov poll has placed The Queen firmly atop the list of most popular royals, with a 78% rating across all age groups.

Sitting in second place is The Duchess of Cambridge, who trails by five percent points at 73%. Her husband, The Duke of Cambridge is the third most popular royal, at 66%.

If the ratings are adjusted by age demographic, Kate leads the popularity contest among millennials, with 85%; The Queen is just behind with 72% and Prince Harry sits in third place, with 67% of the vote.

Among Gen Xers, The Queen, Kate and Princess Anne are the top three most popular royals. The Queen receives 73% of the vote, Kate receives 68% and Princess Anne receives 63% of the vote.

Among Baby Boomers, The Queen and The Cambridges are the top three most popular royals. The Queen receives 76% of the vote, as does William; Kate receives 73% of the vote.

Men count The Queen as the most popular royal, with William and Harry in second and third place, respectively. The Queen receives 69% of the vote, William 60% and Harry 57%.

Women place The Queen, Kate, and William in the top three spots. The Queen receives 76% of the vote, Kate 74% and William 70%.

Overall, the top 10 most popular members of the Royal Family (across all ages) are: The Queen (73%), William (65%), Kate (63%), Harry (63%), The Duke of Edinburgh (49%, though he is officially retired from royal duties), Anne (48%), The Prince of Wales (46%), The Duchess of Sussex (44%), Zara Phillips (42%, a non-working member of the Royal Family her entire life), and The Countess of Wessex (31%).

The Duchess of Cornwall is the 11th most popular member of the Royal Family at 29%; The Earl of Wessex follows at 28%; Princess Eugenie at 25%; Princess Beatrice at 24%; and The Duke of York at 17%.

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Jess Ilse is the Assistant Editor at Royal Central. She specialises in the British, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Royal Families and has been following royalty since Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee. Jess has provided commentary for media outlets in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Jess works in communications and her debut novel THE MAJESTIC SISTERS will publish in Fall 2024.