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The Queen marks end of an era with reception at Buckingham Palace

The Queen hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace on Thursday morning for The Queen’s Trust, a now-defunct charity that supported initiatives in her name.

Closed earlier this year and replaced by The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, The Queen’s Trust was formed in the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 and supported voluntary sector organisations working with young people. It was funded by money raised through The Queen’s Silver Jubilee appeal.

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Some of the projects The Queen’s Trust supported include CAMFED in Tanzania and Ghana and encouraging young people to participate in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme. The Trust wound down earlier this year to be replaced by The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, which aims to “champion, fund and connect young leaders who are working hard to change the world.

“We share their stories, give them a platform to amplify their ideas, and inspire others to join in,” per the Trust’s website.

Guests at The Queen’s reception on Thursday included former trustees and staff members, among them Sir Trevor MacDonald and Sir Alan Reid.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust is supported by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who act as President and Vice President, respectively.

Projects supported by The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust include programmes related to education, women’s health, environment, and sport, and programmes for young people to represent “a growing network of young leaders, supporters and advisors across the Commonwealth who are united in their desire to bring about positive change.

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“The Queen has always believed in young people’s ability to positively transform lives across communities and much further beyond,” the Trust’s website continues.

The Trust says about Harry and Meghan that they “recognize the potential the Commonwealth family has – with this generation’s vision, passion, effort, and connectivity – to make a lasting beneficial impact with their ideas for hopeful social change.”

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