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The Sussexes

YouGov poll shows 45% support Sussex decision to step back from royal roles

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A recent YouGov snap poll has revealed that 45% of Brits support the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to step back from their senior royal roles in the British Royal Family; 26% of people oppose the idea. It was also revealed that amongst those surveyed, those who voted Leave in the EU Referendum were more likely to oppose their decision than Remainers.

The poll was conducted yesterday amongst 1,327 Brits.

Although 45% support Harry and Meghan’s decision, a higher percentage do not believe they should receive money from the Duchy of Cornwall. Two-thirds of those questioned (63%) said they should no longer receive income from the Duchy of Cornwall; only 13% said they should continue to get income from there. Conservatives were the biggest proponents (71%) of the Duke and Duchess no longer receiving funding from the Duchy.

The Duchy of Cornwall is the estate that funds the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge and his family and the Duke of Sussex and his family. The Sussexes revealed on their official website that 95% of their income comes from the Duchy. While they announced plans to not accept the 5% income they receive from the Crown Estate, they do, for now, plan to keep receiving funding from the Duchy of Cornwall (if the Prince of Wales allows it).

In regard to if this decision will damage the monarchy, 49% do not believe it will harm the institution while 32% do.

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