The Sussexes

Prince Harry could be making his family home in Diana’s old apartment

Prince Harry is more and more like his mother with each growing day, and now he may be following her in her footsteps by moving into her old apartment at Kensington Palace once he is married.

Historic Royal Palaces’ (HRP), the charity which manages Kensington Palace, has applied for a basement expansion under the Orangery. If the Kensington and Chelsea Council approve the plans, Apartments 8 and 9 would be free from the Royal Staff that would relocate into the expansion.

After her marriage to Prince Charles, Diana, Princess of Wales moved into Apartment 9 where they raised their sons, Princes William and Harry. Diana lived in the apartment until her death in 1997.

At this time, Prince Harry lives in the smallest of the accommodations at Kensington Palace; the 2-bedroom Nottingham Cottage to which his girlfriend, Meghan Markle has also “practically moved into”. Although HRP claims that that the basement renovation is not for any member of the Royal Family, a source has told the Sunday Express Harry is eyeing his childhood home.

“Harry sees his future at Kensington Palace but he can’t live in Nottingham Cottage forever. It’s not what you would call a family home,” the source said.

“If the basement plans are given the go-ahead then this will free up the rest of Apartment 8 and the whole of Apartment 9, giving Harry the option of moving back into the home where he grew up.”

If Prince Harry, and possibly Meghan Markle (or whoever his future bride is), want more of a fresh start, Wren House, currently the home of the Duke of Kent could be an option or Apartment 1, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were married, the Gloucesters made the offer to vacate their home to make way for William and his new wife. The Sunday Express’s source is confident they will do the same for Harry, saying: “The Gloucesters have two other properties: Barnwell Manor in Northamptonshire, which they rent out, and a weekend cottage in Gloucestershire, which they could retire to.”

Princess Eugenie and her boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank are also expected to move to Kensington once they tie the knot.