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The Sussexes

Meghan Markle’s sister takes issue with Harry’s comments about Meghan’s Christmas

Meghan Markle’s older sister, Samantha Grant has fired back at Prince Harry’s remarks when he referred to the British Royal Family as “the family she never had” when discussing her first Christmas with the royals.

Prince Harry made the explosive statement during an interview with the BBC Radio 4 Today programme where he was serving as guest editor. In the interview, Harry spoke of Meghan’s time with his family during the Christmas holiday: “The family loved having her there. We had an amazing time staying with my brother and sister-in-law and running around with the kids.”

According to Harry, Meghan adapted very well to Royal Family’s traditions: “She’s done an absolutely amazing job, she’s getting in there, and it’s the family that I suppose she’s never had.”

Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha, who’s Thomas Markle’s daughter from his first marriage disputed the Prince’s statement on Twitter.

“Actually she has a large family who were always there with her and for her.

“Our household was very normal and when dad and Doria divorced, we all made it so it was like she had two houses.”

Samantha took issue with Prince Harry’s comments that his family is the family Meghan “never” had. Meghan was six when her parents divorced: “She has a large family. She always did. Our dad is amazing and completely self-sacrificing. We made it so that she had two houses. How fun it was!”

Her 52-year-old sister went on: “No one was estranged, she was just too busy. Read my book complete with facts and photos.”

When Harry and Meghan marry next May, Samantha said the Royal Family would just add to Meghan’s already large family: “Meg’s family (our family) is complete with sister, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and the glue of our family, our amazing completely.”

Meghan and Samantha are estranged; Samantha is writing a tell-all book about their relationship that is to be released next year.