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The Sussexes

Italian IKEA pokes fun at the Sussexes situation on Instagram

IKEA is known to be a winner among most, especially millennials. Now, it seems the Swedish brand has hopped on the consumer target market after posting an advert aimed at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, taking aim at the ‘feud’ their family is having with the rest of the Royal Family.

The advert in question comes just days after the Sussexes announced they would “step back” as “senior royals.” That’s when IKEA pushed a sale of cardboard moving boxes. The boxes advertised are priced at €3.50 (£3).

Posting to Instagram, the official Italian account of the company said: “Meghan. Harry. We understand you, we are made to change.”

The post went a little further, the social media page editor including the caption: ” Il trasloco è una fatica reale per tutti,” which translates to: “Moving is a real effort for everyone.”

Since their announcement, IKEA has become the biggest brand to jump on what some say is the “Megixt” bandwagon. However, it’s not the first Italian company page to have fun with royal puns.

Crik Cok, an Italian potato chip brand, shared its own ad on Instagram showing the chips on a plate with a full set of utensils.

The caption reading: “Meghan, now you can eat with your hands.”

“We discovered the real reason for the break with the Queen!”

KUBIO, a furniture label, created an ad for bathroom furniture. Reading: “Meghan, Harry. If you need to furnish your home, start with the bathroom.”

Going on to add: “Don’t worry, we are there to give you the “real” quality at a price for ordinary mortals.”

Believe it or not, the puns continued by Italian brands. The home brand Prezioso Casa shared an ad for a child’s bedroom with the words:
“Meghan, Harry. Don’t worry, here we also have bunk beds.”

Lastly, a pizzeria and restaurant in Italy, III Giardino created a post tailored for the royals.

“Harry & Meghan, if you want, you can join our family.”

Earlier this week, The Queen announced that the Sussexes would be spending what they say is a transition period between the United Kingdom and Canada stating that what’s next for Harry and Meghan’s future are still being discussed.

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