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Famous friends rally to support the Duke and Duchess of Sussex over carbon-footprint debate

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Famous friends of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are speaking out to defend accusations of hypocrisy over the couple’s use of private jets, saying the two are just “trying to make the world better.” This comes after details of the Duke and Duchess’ private holidays to Ibiza and Nice emerged.

American talk show host Ellen Degeneres and Grammy-winning singer Pink both issued statements regarding the “public form of bullying” that the couple is facing. Both stars took to Twitter to express their viewpoints on the criticism facing the couple.

While the circle of celebrity friends increases, so does the high-profile support for the Duke and Duchess. Celebrity friends are increasingly using interviews and social media to act as unofficial spokespeople for the pair. This group includes Sir Elton John.

On Monday, the singer claimed that the Duke and Duchess had been subject to “relentless and untrue assassinations” after the couple was seen boarding a private jet with their newborn son Archie at John’s home in the south of France. John was close friends with Harry’s mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales and has remained close friends of the family following her death.

The paparazzi images led to hypocrisy for the Duke who weeks earlier had flown to Google Camp to give a lecture on the environment. During the visit, an interview was published where the Duke talked about the warnings of climate change: “We are the frog in the water and it’s already been brought to the boil.”

Sir Elton says he arranged the latest trip because the Sussexes needed “safety and tranquillity” that would be offered by his villa. John says he also made “an appropriate contribution” to a company that specialises in offsetting carbon emissions to support the Duke and Duchess’ morals.

The couple nor royal officials have yet to comment on the matter.

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