The Sussexes

Harry introduces Meghan to 98 year-old Daphne

Daphne’s wishes have come true as she got to meet the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the Sydney Opera House.

The 98-year-old has previously met Prince Harry but was anxiously awaiting the Duchess.

Upon spotting Daphne, Prince Harry walked over to her greeting her with a hug.

“Good news this morning,” Harry exclaimed as she beamed over the baby news.

Calling Meghan over, she left the overside of the walkabout to meet the infamous lady.

“So nice to meet you,” said Meghan.

Commenting that she has “been so happy” over being pregnant.

The couple chatted with her some more with Harry saying he “noticed your shoes, they are very cool.”

Asking: “Have you died your hair a shade of pink?”

As they departed Daphne praised the couple, “It’s so wonderful the two of you.”

“I need a kiss from both of you.”

Jamie Samhan/Royal Central

Meghan jumped at the moment, “Yes, of course,” she said as she pecked the cheek of Daphne.

Finishing off the conversation, Meghan noted: “Hopefully the next time we see you we will have our little one with us.”

After watching the Bangarra Dance Company at the Sydney Opera House, the duo took plenty of time greeting the crowd of nearly 2000 people.

Earlier in the day the visited the Taronga Zoo where petting koalas and joeys were on the agenda.

During their visit, the Duke and Duchess met Harry and Meghan – two baby koala joeys named after the royal couple.

The joeys were named in honour of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in May just before they were married.

The royal couple also met Ruby and Wattle – two adult koalas who are looking after Harry and Meghan the joeys.

The four koalas are part of the TarongaZoo’s breeding programme.