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The Sussexes

Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge & Prince Harry Set To Complete Kensington Palace Move

In late 2011, it was confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be moving into Apartment 1A after renovation works completed to bring the apartments up to Their Royal Highnesses personal specification. The Duke and Duchess had occupied another set of apartments in the Palace in between the announcement and will move in in a matter of months.

The 4-storey apartments, which were previously occupied by the late Princess Margaret (The Queen’s sister), are on the left side of the main entrance to Kensington Palace, in clear view of members of the public visiting or passing by.

The Duke and Duchess are to have around 20 rooms all to themselves within the Palace.

Though reports say Prince Harry already occupies Kensington Palace, this is not yet known for sure as he is set to take up the temporary apartments the Cambridges occupied whilst waiting for the renovation of Apartment 1A. As far as we know, Prince Harry still lives at Clarence House.

They are, however, to be neighboured by some well known and some lesser known members of the Royal Family. Here is a list of the occupants of various apartments and buildings on the grounds and how they’ll be occupied.

Apartment 1: 21-room apartments occupied by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Apartment 1A: To be occupied by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from mid-2013.

Apartment 8 & 9: Where Prince Harry is expected to move into, not confirmed.

Apartment 10: Prince and Princess Michael of Kent occupy these apartments. They are the only residents at Kensington Palace who pay rent to The Queen for their apartments rather than occupying what are known as ‘grace and favour’ apartments; which are rent free.

Wren House: A lavish property on the estate, next to Kensington Palace, occupied by the Duke and Duchess of Kent.

There are also apartments and smaller suites occupied by staff who work at the Palace. The Duke and Duchess are to bring their 8+ full time staff to live there. This means any future press releases from the Cambridges will come from ‘Kensington Palace’ and not ‘St James’s Palace’.

The move is expected to be finalised before the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby in July.

photo credit: UGArdener via photopin cc

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