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The Sussexes

Daphne Dunne cheers Prince Harry’s climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The weather could not have been more perfect for the Duke of Sussex to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Joined by Sydney Competitors and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Prince Harry climbed up on one side of the bridge before crossing over to raise the official Invictus Flag and then climbing back down the same side he came up.

Just before the Duke arrived, bridge workers climbed up the bridge to lower one of the two Australian flags so Harry could raise the Invictus one.

Prince Harry’s biggest fan, Daphne Dunne even came down to watch the flag raising, which 7 News Sydney showed her on a phone so she could watch better.
“Wow, it looks wonderful,” she said, “I hope it does all the things it promises.”

She added: “He is absolutely amazing.”

When asked why she came down again, she said: “He is my friend and we enjoy each others company.”

Once again singing his praises, she commented: “He is wonderful and he is going to do a marvellous job.”

Daphne will be supporting the games as well, attending her first event on Monday. The games start on Saturday with the opening ceremony and Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge.

Daphne continued to say the Invictus Games are “necessary” and that “if he [Prince Harry] can help the boys that gave a lot of their life and everything to it and they need help.”

Finishing off that Prince Harry is “lovely.”

A couple from California who are in Sydney for Australia were surprised to learn the Duke was climbing the bridge after their climb was cancelled.

“We had it all booked,” they said, “but a little while ago we got a letter saying our climb was moved to Saturday.”

They added it all was worth it to now have a souvenir of the time Prince Harry kicked them off the Sydney Harbour Bridge.