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The Sussexes

Drama as Harry & Meghan’s plane is forced to abort landing with just seconds to go

The plane transporting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex back to Australia from Tonga was forced to make an aborted landing on Friday evening as it attempted to touch down at Sydney Airport.

The Qantas jet ascended back into the air just moments before touching down after the quick thinking pilots spotted another aircraft on the runway.

Ann Cole, the flight’s co-pilot, realised the runway was not clear and managed to get the jet back into the safety of the air.

The plane then circled back round in an attempt to land again, this time succeeding.

Around 100 people were on the chartered flight, including the Duke and Duchess, their staff, police officers and around 60 journalists.

Royal Central’s Deputy Editor Jamie Samhan was on the flight and said: “I didn’t even notice we pulled up again until a few people pointed it out.

“As soon as we re-entered the clouds everyone knew something was up. It was only due to a slow plane already on the runway, but definitely a bit of excitement to end a5.5-hour flight.”