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Stamps released to mark Her Majesty and Prince Philip’s 70th wedding anniversary

On Monday, 20 November, Her Majesty The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will celebrate a milestone few couples realise – their 70th wedding anniversary. The then Princess Elizabeth had to fight to marry the man who’d captured her heart. They were married at Westminster Abbey in 1947. 2,000 guests observed the ceremony that was broadcast on radio to millions around the world.

A new set of stamps is being released to commemorate the royal couple’s anniversary. The collection includes six stamps showing their engagement, wedding and honeymoon; two show the royal couple browsing wedding photographs while on the grounds of Broadlands, Romsey in Hampshire during their honeymoon. Another pair depicts them walking up the aisle of the Abbey after the conclusion of their wedding ceremony. Two of the stamps mark the announcement of their engagement in July 1947 at Buckingham Palace.

Royal Mail spokesman Philip Parker said: “A platinum wedding anniversary is rare, and for the Royal Family it is unique.

“We are delighted to issue these six stamps to mark Her Majesty’s and the Duke of Edinburgh’s 70 years of marriage.”

You can purchase the stamps from the Royal Mail, here.

Their union began decades of being in the public eye both as a couple and individually. Each being a pillar of support and strength to the other. The Queen, in particular, has called Prince Philip her “rock.” Indeed the Duke, as recently as last weekend, has been by her side at significant events.

The Queen and Prince will mark their anniversary privately with family at Windsor Castle. This is usual for birthdays and other family days for The Queen.

As per routine, their special day will not be one without work for Her Majesty. Although a public event hasn’t been scheduled, The Queen always has items needing her attention.

On behalf of everyone from Royal Central and our readers, we would like to wish Her Majesty and His Royal Highness the happiest of anniversaries!