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Sarah, Duchess of York launches “Sarah’s Trust”

Sarah, Duchess of York and Princess Beatrice
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On Wednesday, Sarah, Duchess of York announced that she was launching a new charitable foundation called Sarah’s Trust. The trust will match charities with people who have “social responsibility and the financial ability” to provide aid.

The first project involves helping the National Health Service (NHS) workers, care homes, and hospice staff. This will include delivering meals, snacks, and hygiene products to key workers. So far, more than 150,000 deliveries have been made across more than 80 locations.

The foundation is also working with the organisation Under One Sky and NOAH Enterprise to deliver 500 ‘kipbags’ to the homeless people sleeping rough in London and Luton. The kipbags will include a sleeping bag, emergency food, and essentials such as sanitary pads and toothpaste.

While those projects are focused in the United Kingdom, the trust is working to help those in places as far away as Ghana. There, the organisation is providing lifesaving medication, food, and washing facilities to those in rural areas. That work will be done through a partnership with the charity, Humanitas. Humanitas has helped to provide water tanks to an orphanage in Ghana that cares for 100 children.

In a statement, the Duchess shared that the Trust has been a goal of her’s for a long time, and with the current pandemic, the focus will be on helping those impacted by the coronavirus.

“I am incredibly excited to be bringing all of my charitable causes under one roof with Sarah’s Trust. It’s something I have wanted to do for a long time. We will focus on a whole range of causes, all across the world, but at this terrible time, it’s right that our first projects should be to help to contend with the impact of coronavirus both at home and abroad.

“It has been humbling to be able to see just a little bit of incredible work being done by our NHS and other health workers and I’m proud that, working with my daughters and new colleagues at Sarah’s Trust, we’ve been able to make life a little easier for some of them.”

The Duchess went on to finish:

“I’m also pleased that we’ve been able to support vulnerable children in Ghana, building on the sort of charity work I’ve been involved in for many years now.”

The CEO of Sarah’s Trust, Sarah Wade, shared her excitement to be launching the new initiative.

“We are very excited to be launching this new charitable initiative. The Duchess’s passion for these causes and people is cemented at the very core of Sarah’s Trust. Her energy and charitable heart will enable Sarah’s Trust to provide vital support to the world’s most forgotten, and to broaden her support to more charities working in the field.”

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