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World’s biggest royal fan, Terry Hutt, travels to Windsor castle to celebrate Queen’s birthday

Britain’s biggest royal fan, eighty-year-old Terry Hutt, is heading to Windsor Castle to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.

With camping gear and a tarpaulin in tow, the grandfather of four from Weston-super-Mare will stay overnight outside the castle; hoping to improve his chances of handing his birthday card to Her Majesty personally. He is also bringing a specially-made placard with a picture of the Queen and a Union Jack flag with his personal message which reads: ‘Terry Hunt wishes you a happy birthday’ – ‘Many happy returns for the day.’.

“I wanted to make sure I got a good spot outside Windsor Castle and get the best chance of saying hello to the Queen,” he said.

Terry, also known affectionately as the Union Jack man because he dresses in a union jack suit, knows he might not have the opportunity to hand his card to the monarch: “I am hoping that I will be able to hand my birthday card to the Queen personally. I am not sure of her exact movements on the day but I understand she is doing a walk about. I’ve put a stamp on the envelope, just in case, so I can post it to her.”

The Queen will be at Windsor Castle on her birthday and has planned several engagements for Wednesday and Thursday. She will mark the 500th anniversary of the Royal Mail delivery service in Windsor. She will also open a new bandstand at Alexandra Gardens. Along with the walkabout, the Queen will also light one thousand beacons to be lit across the UK to celebrate her birthday.

On coming prepared, the retired carpenter and joiner said: “I always go prepared and make sure that I am protected from the elements. But a lot of people help me out and offer me food and make sure I’m okay.”

Terry’s love for the royal family began at an early age. He met the Queen Mother at a bomb site in North London when he was just four-years-old. This love has grown over the decades and afforded him many opportunities to meet the Queen and receive correspondence from her as well. Whilst in hospital, he received a letter from Her Majesty wishing him well.

This isn’t the first time Terry has made the trip to the capital to celebrate a special royal occasion. In 2013, he camped outside St. Mary’s Hospital in west London for thirteen days to await the birth of Prince George; he was given tea and porridge by hospital staff. He made the same journey again last year for the birth of Princess Charlotte. He made the headlines in 2015 when he famously missed Princess Charlotte’s birth despite camping out for two weeks, because he needed to use the toilet.

He came prepared on those days as well, bringing presents in the form of crocheted baby clothes for the newborn royals. Terry hopes to come again in June to celebrate on the Mall for the Queen’s birthday ceremonial celebrations.