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Will The Queen cancel her visit with Donald Trump over the #MuslimBan?

An opinion piece by Jamie Samhan looking at whether Donald Trump’s invitation for a State Visit to the UK should be rescinded.

Only a day after Donald Trump met with Theresa May and a State Visit by the new President was announced, Donald Trump introduced a Muslim ban to citizens and dual citizens from a variety of countries. Outrage poured out across the world, so should Her Majesty cancel the State Visit of Trump?

While the invitation does say that Her Majesty has invited the President and First Lady, it is only made in her name as the government is formed on her behalf. The government would have to cancel the trip. Although, The Queen could refuse to meet with him during his time in the United Kingdom.

It is my personal opinion that she should do just that. It is well-known that The Queen should not let her political views known but at this point, his ban on Muslims has gone further than that. This is no longer a political matter but a matter of human decency to the very core.  Queen Elizabeth is Patron of around 600 organisations that represent people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds and she should stand up for those people by not giving power to the man trying to take away human rights.

Individuals who work with him have even said that he wants all the “pomp and ceremony”, something the Royal Family is famous for. He does not want to meet with Prince Charles due to their opposite views on climate change.

“They do not want the President put in an awkward position where he’s being lectured. They want horses down the Mall, tea with William & Kate.

They want all that pomp and for it to go seamlessly, and one of the risk factors is Charles” a source told The Times.

If Trump doesn’t want to meet with Prince Charles in fear that he might embarrass him, The Queen should not be obliged to meet with him at all.  Don’t let him have his pomp and ceremony; this is one time The Queen should stand up for what is right and not for what has been done by Monarchs in the past.

Update: Britons have been signing a petition to cancel the State Visit, so far it has received over 500,000 signatures. In the U.K, any petition that has over 100,000 signatures must be debated in the House of Commons. Only time will tell if the call to invite Trump to the U.K was made too quickly.