The Queen

Trump makes a few mistakes while meeting The Queen

Yesterday, President of the United States, Donald Trump and First Lady, Melania, met Her Majesty The Queen at Windsor Castle.

While protests took place in London where over 60,000 people came out with signs suggesting to “Feed Trump to the corgis” while a giant balloon as Trump as a baby flew overhead.

Meanwhile, a smaller affair then the State Banquet he was likely hoping for was happening in Windsor.

Live feeds provided all the action as the President and First Lady arrived, and social media was quick to point out what the president did and not do correctly.

Before meeting The Queen, Trump would have been given the rundown on proper protocol when meeting Queen Elizabeth.

Contrary to belief, Trump was not late. He was scheduled to arrive at 5 pm and his motorcade pulled into the Quadrangle 4:59 pm.


Upon greeting The Queen, Trump waited until Queen Elizabeth extended her hand first. To be fair, she already had it out as he walked up the stairs.

Another point people were quick to notice is that neither Trump or Melania bowed to Her Majesty. As Trump is not a Commonwealth citizen he does not need to.

So it all started off okay, but that is where it went downhill.

Next, the two went to inspect the guard. Trump seemed to lose himself in the formality walking in front of The Queen taking her place walking next to the guards. He then stopped and The Queen moved to Trump’s other side. The two proceeded to inspect the guard with Trump a few paces in front.

Trump blocks The Queen. Screenshot/Fair Use

Even if he wasn’t walking with the most famous and respected women in the world, no matter who he was walking with the respectful thing do to would be walking side-by-side. Although, it would be safe to say Trump’s history of being respectful is spotted. To put it generously.

Melania rejoined her husband and The Queen before they entered Windsor Castle.

The day wouldn’t be complete with at least one more faux pas. The White House tweeted out that Trump and Melania had tea with The Queen “before departing the U.K.” The thing is, Trump was headed to Scotland, which is still very much part of the United Kingdom.

It’s a good thing this was only a working visit and not a State Visit complete with a State Banquet and other members of the Royal Family, otherwise, who knows how many protocols he would have missed.