The Queen

The Queen’s summer break comes to an end as leaves Balmoral for Buckingham Palace

The Queen’s annual summer break to Scotland cames to an end on Tuesday after a ten-week stay at Balmoral Castle.

The Royal Standard is flying over Buckingham Palace as Her Majesty, who has been living at Balmoral since the start of August, arrived back at her London residence.

During her visit to Balmoral this year, the 92-year-old Monarch has been joined by many members of her family, including the Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall, and the York family ahead of Princess Eugenie’s wedding on Friday.

The 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh joined The Queen at Balmoral in mid-August.

During the time The Queen spends in Balmoral, Buckingham Palace is opened to over half a million visitors for the annual summer opening where the Palace’s 16 staterooms are opened up to the public, a practice first begun in 1992.

Her Majesty usually returns at the beginning of October when the pace of engagements is returned up to Christmas. During the holiday, some members of the Royal Family prefer to take on more engagements before they take a break or join The Queen in September.

Despite summer being The Queen’s holiday time, she still received her daily famous ‘red box’ while at Balmoral which contains a summary of events in Parliament, which The Queen is always said to take a keen interest in.

Her Majesty’s next break will come in December when she and Prince Philip will leave Buckingham Palace for Sandringham.