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The Queen

The Queen unable to return to Buckingham Palace and will remain at Windsor Castle indefinitely

The Queen will remain at Windsor Castle indefinitely according to a report in The Sunday Times.

The paper says that Her Majesty is unable to return to Buckingham Palace due to government guidelines, and is unlikely to change residence for many months.

It is usually at this time of year then The Queen would return to Buckingham Palace in Central London after spending a few weeks at Windsor for Easter.

However, keen to set an example, Her Majesty will remain at Windsor Castle with the Duke of Edinburgh.

All garden parties for the year have been cancelled, as has Trooping the Colour.

Her Majesty’s summer and autumn engagements have also been put on hold, with no timeline being made available for when Her Majesty might return to public life.

It is likely that she will remain at Windsor for the majority of this year, with her annual summer holiday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland cancelled.

The government has ordered people to stay at their place of residence, and not travel to their second homes.

Although this advice is likely to be lifted at some point within the next few months, Her Majesty will be keen to lead by example.

She will continue to hold her weekly audiences with the Prime Minister via telephone instead of face-to-face meeting, and will continue to receive her ministerial red boxes.

The monarch’s recent addresses to the nation have been extremely well received, so it is not beyond the realms of possibility to see more of these as Her Majesty is conscious that she needs to be seen.