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The Queen

The Queen “tastes soldiers’ packed lunches” to make sure they are looked after properly

A soldier who served for the Royal Family for 25 years has revealed that The Queen often used to taste soldiers’ packed lunches before they ate them, to make sure they were ‘being looked after properly’.

Warrant officer John Ross spoke of the monarch’s protective habit just before her upcoming 90th birthday later this week.

The 61-year-old served in the King’s Own Scottish Borders regiment and protected the Royal Family on their visits to Balmoral.

He said: “The Royal Family were so much fun to work for, they made all the soldiers feel at ease.

“One of Her Majesty’s priorities was looking after the welfare of the soldiers who were responsible for providing support for all events.

“She often tasted our packed lunches to check we were being properly looked after before we went out on hunting or fishing trips. She would come to the kitchen and inspect the sandwiches.

“Most were up to scratch, but if they weren’t, they’d be sent back.”

Mr Ross signed up for military service when he was just 15 years-0ld, and has since had a varied career. He says that he was once lucky enough to dance with The Queen at an event in 1991.

The news Her Majesty checks her soldiers food, rather than the other way round, may come as a shock to some people.

Traditionally, the monarch relied on their staff to taste food before it entered their mouths to protect them from poison and other threats.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is thought to employ a food taster, as did Kings and Queens of the past, although it didn’t always work.

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