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Prince Henrik gives up ‘Prince Consort’ Title as Part of Retirement

Prince Henrik, consort of Danish Queen Margrethe II, has given up his title of ‘Prince Consort’ or ‘Prinsgemal’ as part of his retirement. It was at first not officially announced but he was listed on his biography page of the Danish Royal Family’s official website as simply ‘Prins Henrik’ and also on the guest list for the Mexican state visit gala. It was later confirmed by the Danish Court’s Head of Communications Lene Balleby, to TV2.

Prince Henrik in his desire – in continuation of his retirement – changed his title to the less formal Prince Henrik. HRH seems that the title is better suited to his current situation as a pensioner,” she told the media outlet. 

Prince Henrik’s retirement from most official duties was announced during the Danish Queen’s last New Year’s Speech. He had received the ‘Prince Consort’ title in 2005 as a sort of compromise after he continually complained about being second to his wife and not receiving the title of King. However, this did not stop him from complaining about it as recently as late last year when he spoke to a newspaper.

Henrik said in the interview, “It angers me that I am discriminated against. Denmark, which is seemingly known as an avid defender of gender equality, apparently, is ready to be considered useless husbands their wives.” In 2002, he fled from Denmark to his home country of France after his son, the Crown Prince, was given precedence over him.

Even televised interviews are not safe from Henrik’s complaining. While Margrethe talked to a Dutch TV Network about the terrorist attack in Denmark in February 2015, Henrik suddenly goes into a rant about why he isn’t King.

Prince Henrik’s stipend was not decreased upon his retirement, since most of his stipend already goes to the maintenance of palaces and other set expenses.