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The Queen

The Queen often mistakes Vladimir Putin with BBC presenter Andrew Marr

Photos: BBC One and

Veteran journalist and television presenter Andrew Marr has revealed that The Queen often mistakes the Russian President Vladimir Putin for himself.

Speaking at a Royal Television Society event a couple of years ago, Mr Marr said that Her Majesty constantly has to remind herself that she is talking to a world leader, not “that chap from the BBC”.

He said that during a State Visit: “She and Putin were in the carriage coming from Parliament to Buckingham Palace and because it as an open carriage and there was a translator everyone could see them talking as they went up the Mall.”

The political journalist added that a contact at Buckingham Palace told him a royal aide asked the Queen: “Your Majesty, you were talking to the Russian President very vigorously – can I ask what you were talking about,”

Her Majesty replied: “I was just trying to say to myself all the time that this is the President of Russia and not that chap from the BBC.”

Vladimir Putin has made a state visit to the United Kingdom in 2003 with his then wife, Lyudmila Putin. Mr Putin was the first Russian leader to undertake a State Visit to the UK since 1874.

Mr Putin and his wife stayed at Buckingham Palace during the four day visit after being met at Heathrow airport by the Prince of Wales.

He was given a ceremonial welcome at Horse Guards Parade, which was attended by The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair.