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The Queen

The Queen makes her public debut wearing a face mask as she visits the grave of the Unknown Warrior

The Queen has made her public debut wearing a face mask as she visited the grave of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey to mark 100 years since his burial.

Her Majesty’s visit to the grave comes ahead of Remembrance Day commemorations on Sunday.

The monarch had requested that commemorations should be scaled back due to the ongoing public health emergency.

On Sunday, Remembrance Day will be marked, however, it will take place on a much smaller scale than would have otherwise been the case.

It is law in England for people to wear face coverings in many indoor settings, including places of worship.

Although some would argue that The Queen is ‘above the law’, Her Majesty is keen to lead by example.

In her last public engagement in October, The Queen was joined at Porton Down by her grandson, Prince William. They attracted some criticism after neither of them wore a mask.

The grave of the Unknown Soldier represents all of those who died in World War One and who remains are unknown.

A royal aide said: “The grave of the Unknown Warrior is as relevant and poignant today as it was when Her Majesty’s grandfather and father stood in the Abbey at its side 100 years ago.

“It holds enormous significance for the country and the Royal Family. The Queen was keen that the centenary was marked appropriately.”