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The Queen and Duchess of Cambridge both struggle with motion sickness

Being a royal might seem like a glamorous job but there are some downsides to it. For the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge, that happens to be motion sickness.

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The monarch, 93 and the Duchess, 37 are said to both suffer from motion sickness. With many events requiring Her Majesty and Her Royal Highness to travel in a carriage, it’s believed this is a regular occurrence for the two.

The Sunday Mirror reported that the Duchess was not feeling well during this year’s Trooping the Colour due to the swaying of the carriage. This comes after photos showed the Duchess looking tense during her carriage ride.

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A royal source told the paper: “The truth is the Duchess of Cambridge gets very seasick and doesn’t enjoy the rocking motion of carriages.”

Going on to add, “Worrying she may be ill on such an important occasion as Trooping the Colour added to her stress. Protocol meant she had no choice but to go by state carriage.”

It’s believed that The Queen has recommended medication for the Duchess on such occasions.

While it may be a solution, certain medications can cause drowsiness. Dr Qadeer Arshad from Imperial College London told the Mirror: “Motion sickness is down to mixed messages coming from ears and eyes. The most effective drug makes you drowsy so it wouldn’t be suitable for royals before a state occasion.”

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While the world watched when the Duchess and her husband, Prince William rode in a  carriage procession following their 2011 wedding, the Duchess actually travelled by car to Westminster Abbey before saying “I do” to Prince William.

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When it comes to big events and not feeling well, there is no exception for Her Majesty. Discussing the day of her 1953 Coronation, The Queen described her two-hour journey by a horse-drawn carriage as “horrible.”

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