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Queen Elizabeth II

Shetland Pony tries to eat The Queen’s flowers

A Shetland Pony got a mouthful of The Queen’s flowers today in Scotland as Her Majesty visited Stirling Castle in Scotland.

The pesky pony nibbled her posy as the 91-year-old Monarch leant in to pet the animal.

But known for her love of horses, The Queen took the incident in good humour and continued to observe the friendly animal, a three-year-old dark brown Shetland Pony named Cruachan IV.

Cruachan IV is the mascot of the Royal Regiment of Scotland and was chosen to greet Her Majesty as she arrived at Stirling Castle.

However, as she reached out to pet the pony, he turned his head away – not too keen on a fuss even if it is the Monarch.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are spending a week in Scotland, as they do every year.

They are staying in Her Majesty’s official Scottish residence, the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

Later in the day, The Queen had a private audience with the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

The Prime Minister said that he had a “warm and engaged conversation” with the 91-year-old Monarch who is spending the week in Scotland with the Duke of Edinburgh.

As a gift, Mr Trudeau offered Her Majesty the Canadian flag which flew above the Peace Tower on July 1 – the 150th anniversary of Canada’s independence.

The 45-year-old said: “It was as it often is, as it always is, a warm and engaged conversation in which she displayed knowledge and interest on a wide range of global affairs and goings-on in Canada.

He added: “It’s always a pleasure to meet with her.”

This is only the second time the Prime Minister has met Her Majesty The Queen during his premiership. They previously met at Buckingham Palace just after he and his Liberal Party won the Canadian elections in 2015.


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