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The Queen

Royal Mint release two new infographics celebrating The Queen’s remarkable reign

As Her Majesty The Queen entered the record books on Wednesday 9th September, becoming the longest-reigning Monarch in British history, The Royal Mint released two brand new infographics commemorating their relationship with Her Majesty over the past 63 years.

The Royal Mint has had a long and lasting relationship with the Kings and Queens of this country, having been striking the effigy of the monarch on to coins for the past 1000 years. To commemorate their 63 year relationship with Queen Elizabeth II, The Royal Mint have released the infographics below picturing the various coins struck during her reign to celebrate the more momentous occasions.


As you can see, the first coin struck by The Royal Mint was in 1953 celebrating Her Majesty’s Coronation and the most recent coin was to celebrate her overtaking Queen Victoria as Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

The coins being struck by The Royal Mint don’t stop at The Queen breaking records for in 2016, Her Majesty will celebrate her 90th birthday which not only deserves another coin but, as Buckingham Palace have confirmed, a huge street party for 10,000 people will be held on the Mall. We also only have two years to wait for The Queen and Prince Philip’s platinum wedding anniversary.

The second of The Royal Mint’s brilliant infographics released depicts The Queen’s reign in numbers and with over a century between the reigns of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II, The Royal Mint really have had to crunch their numbers to come up with this very informative piece. See that infographic below:


The infographic shows that Her Majesty’s reign has lasted 23, 226 days and with many more days to come, one expects that this wont be the last of the number crunching from The Royal Mint. During her reign, The Royal Mint have struck an estimated 68 billion UK circulating coins as well as over 91 million Sovereigns equating to 727 tonnes of gold- now that’s a lot of gold!

The latest of The Royal Mint’s commemorative coins features the portrait by James Butler and has been designed to commemorate Her Majesty’s record breaking reign and the portrait features on a number of coins in The Royal Mint’s Longest Reigning Monarch UK range.

To find out more or to purchase a commemorative coin, visit Royal Mint.

Photo Credits: The Royal Mint & Royal Central