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The Queen

10 Downing Street held a boozy party the night before The Queen mourned her husband of 73-years alone

Friday’s Daily Telegraph sensationally reports that a ‘boozy party’ was held at 10 Downing Street the night before the funeral of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Restrictions in England at the time banned indoor gatherings, meaning The Queen had to mourn Prince Philip all alone.

The picture of our monarch of 70 years sat alone in St George’s Chapel has become one of the defining images of the entire pandemic, capturing the sense of isolation and loss millions around the globe were feeling at the time.

Whereas The Queen has been widely praised for leading by example, various stories have emerged about the antics of the residents and staff at 10 Downing Street.

Prince Philip’s funeral took place on April 17. The Telegraph reports that a alcohol-fuelled party took place the night before, with attendees dancing until the early hours.

Numerous eyewitnesses have spoken to The Telegraph outlining the party, which is one of two new alleged gatherings that went against the rules at the time.

At the time of the gathering and funeral, indoor gatherings were banned and no more than six people could meet outdoors.

Only 30 people could attend Prince Philip’s funeral – around the same amount of people partying at 10 Downing Street on the 16th.

It is not believed Prime Minister Boris Johnson was at Downing Street that evening, and was instead at Chequers for the funeral.

Regarding one of the parties, a Downing Street spokesperson said: “On this individual’s last day he gave a farewell speech to thank each team for the work they had done to support him, both those who had to be in the office for work and on a screen for those working from home.” 

The spokesperson declined to comment on the second event which occurred the day before Philip’s funeral.

Boris Johnson is already facing calls to resign over previous parties held at Number 10.

He admitted to attending a gathering for 25 minutes in May 2020 which was against the rules.

Senior civil servant Sue Gray is heading an ongoing inquiry into the gatherings.