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Princess Eugenie’s pageboy takes a tumble

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank had a relatively turn-key wedding this morning, not factoring in Storm Callum, which blew strong winds through the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Young Louis de Givenchy, the son of friends to Princess Eugenie, tripped walking up the steps when bridesmaid Theodora Williams lost her balance. De Givenchy’s foot slipped out from under him, knocking into Lady Louise before he got up and continued up the steps. He didn’t appear to be hurt once inside the church.

Princess Charlotte was also seen stumbling up the steps after she’d turned to wave to the crowds, though she righted herself before she fell.

Storm Callum has been wreaking havoc across the UK today, with strong winds up to 76/mph recorded, torrential rain, and thousands without electricity.

Guests walking through the grounds were holding onto their hats and skirts as they made their way to St. George’s Chapel, and unfortunately, a few hats blew off, causing a few to chase after their accessories.

The weather caused such chaos that plans to ride through Windsor in an open landau were abandoned early this morning in favour of the enclosed Scottish State Carriage instead.

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