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Prince Harry lookalike makes £1000-an-hour for lookalike jobs

With an incredibly busy royal year for Prince Harry, including a royal wedding and the announcement of the Duchess of Sussex’s pregnancy, it’s no surprise that Harry lookalikes will be in high demand.

According to the Daily Mail, one such lookalike has had an incredibly successful year raking in £1000 per hour for some of his work.

Rhys Whittock, who is 35, is the same height and has the same iconic red hair. He works as a property developer in Greenhithe. While demand has increased, there hasn’t been enough to give up his actual job.

He told the Daily Mail about his success following Prince Harry’s busy year saying: “Since March, I’ve been on the side of a London bus, flown to Hong Kong to play Harry at a millionaire businessman’s birthday party and been on live TV. It’s surreal.”

People have been pointing out the striking similarities for years. However, Rhys said he “never used to think much of it when people would stare at me at weddings and tell me I looked like Prince Harry.”

He said since 2011 “people have been coming up to me in the street telling me I look like Prince Harry. My family and friends have always said it a lot as well.”

This is what motivated him to sign up with some agencies in the UK. However, at the time, Prince Harry had a much quieter public image.

It was in November when Prince Harry announced his engagement that “one of the agents phoned me up and asked me: ‘Do you still look like Prince Harry’?”

Rhys is signed with six agencies in the UK, as well as agencies in the USA, Germany, Belgium and Holland.

The week of Prince Harry’s wedding was the busiest week for his act. He worked six jobs in six days.

He even claims his act is so good that while at Kensington Palace: “The bodyguards started to let me in because they thought it was him. But they quickly realised I had no security team, so it couldn’t be. It was quite funny.”