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Prince Charles visits flood-stricken parts of Wales

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Friday, the Prince of Wales visited residents and businesses affected by the recent flooding caused by Storm Dennis.

Travelling to the city of Pontypridd in Wales, the Prince saw flood damage along Taff Street, prompting a visit into Prince’s Cafe and a boutique clothing shop.

One notable moment of the visit was when Charles spoke with cafe owner Joe Gambarini, whose business is under 2.1 metres of water. Charles has been notorious for his campaigning of the effects of global warming for years.

“We only hope you can carry on,” said Charles. “I have been warning about this for years.”

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Gambarini’s family has run The Prince’s cafe at Pontypridd, South Wales, since 1948. Gambarini telling the Prince:

“Unfortunately, no one was listening. They thought you were a bit cuckoo and talking to your flowers.”

Charles replying, “I proved them wrong.”

For boutique store Kookoo Madame, the store became badly damaged with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics being ruined. About 1.2 metres of floodwater is still filling the premises.

“It had taken 12 years to get the business to where it was, it’s hard to know where to start,” said shop owner Emma Jamal.

“It’s a bit surreal to have His Royal Highness in our tiny little business in Pontypridd.

“But he was very down to earth and his visit is good for the town, to highlight the devastation and hopefully get more help.”

However, some locals were not so happy. 64-year-old David Morgan expressed his concern:

“Him coming to see us is lip-service. He could solve Pontypridd’s flood problems with one percent of his wealth.”

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More warnings of heavy rain and possible flooding have been issued for some parts of England and Wales. The Met Office said there is a current “yellow weather warning” for heavy and persistent rain in the near future. That weather is expected through Monday.

During his visit, the Prince took the time to hear about rescue efforts and the ongoing clean-up efforts.

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