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Plane used by The Royal Family to be repainted red, white and blue at a cost of £900,000

A plane which transports members of The Royal Family and government ministers to engagements across the globe is undergoing an expensive repaint.

RAF Voyager, which is often jokingly referred to as ‘Heir Force One’, will be redecorated at a cost of 900,000.

The plane will transformed from plain grey to red, white and blue – the colours of the Union Flag.

Downing Street confirmed plans to renovate the plane on Wednesday.

It is expected that the new-look design will be unveiled next month.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has complained numerous times about RAF Voyager being grey.

The plane was designed as that colour so that when it is carrying out military duties, it is harder for enemies to identify in the sky.

A source told the Daily Mirror that the paint job sounded like something “from Austin Powers”.

An RAF spokesman said: “An RAF Voyager is currently in Cambridgeshire for pre-planned works.”

RAF Voyager has recently been used to transport the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Pakistan, and is the Royal Family’s transportation of choice when traveling overseas.

Downing Street hopes that the repaint will help the Prime Minister represent the UK on the world stage when he travels overseas on board.