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The Duke of Edinburgh

Theresa May sends a message to the Duke of Edinburgh wishing him well

Prime Minister Theresa May has sent a private message to the Duke of Edinburgh to wish him well following a car crash on Thursday afternoon.

The Prime Minister has sent the message to Sandringham where Prince Philip is currently resting with The Queen.

On Thursday, Prince Philip’s Landrover ended up turning over in the road after colliding with a Kia.

Miraculously, the 97-year-old was uninjured following the crash and did not need to be admitted to hospital.

The driver of the Kia, a 28-year-old woman, suffered from cuts. Her passenger sustained a broken wrist.

A nine-month-old baby boy was also in the car and was uninjured.

Both Prince Philip and the driver of the Kia were breathalysed at the scene. These tests both came back as negative.

The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon near the Sandringham Estate.

Prince Philip’s Landrover, which he was driving, rolled over onto its side due to the impact.