The Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip on Jeremy Hunt: “Who are you?”

Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson? One of these men will become the next Prime Minister of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

In the race to Number 10, Boris Johnson has the advantage of being well known across the globe with his trademark bumbling personality. But Jeremy Hunt doesn’t quite enjoy the same fame.

Even the Duke of Edinburgh was confused as to who Mr Hunt was when he first met the British Secretary of State during an event in 2012.

During an engagement held at Buckingham Palace to mark the Diamond Jubilee, Mr Hunt approached The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as he attempted to tell a joke.

Referring to the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, Mr Hunt said: “I read about a Japanese tourist who said afterwards how wonderful our Queen must be to take part in that, as they would never get their emperor to jump out of the plane.”

The Queen raised a polite smile in response to the joke, but Prince Philip in his typically blunt style just asked: “Who are you?”

At the time, Mr Hunt was the Secretary of State for Health – a position he held for six years before becoming Foreign Secretary in 2018.

If The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were not familiar with Mr Hunt seven years ago, it is fair to say that very soon they could be left with no choice as Her Majesty could appoint the 52-year-old as her 14th Prime Minister.