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The Duke of Edinburgh

Happy birthday Prince Philip! The Duke of Edinburgh celebrates his 99th birthday in quarantine at Windsor Castle

The Duke of Edinburgh is celebrating his 99th birthday on Wednesday at Windsor Castle alongside his wife of over 70 years, The Queen.

Prince Philip is having low-key celebrations this year, with his family unable to visit him in isolation due to the ongoing public health emergency.

Instead, the tech-savvy 99-year-old will spend the day taking part in video calls with his children and wider family.

Members of The Royal Family rarely celebrate birthdays which do not end in a nought, however, royal biographer Robert Lacey says the Duke of Edinburgh will likely have a “quiet glow of pride” at reaching such a milestone age.

There will also be no gun-salutes this year due to the ongoing global health crisis. Similarly, The Queen celebrated her birthday in April without the ceremonial gunfire.

Buckingham Palace has allowed members of the public to join in with the celebrations, however, as they released a new photograph of The Queen and Prince Philip to mark the occasion.

The image was taken on June 1 in the quadrangle of Windsor Castle where Her Majesty and His Royal Highness have been quarantined since March.

This was the first time the Duke has been pictured since he left hospital in December 2019.

The prince looks in remarkable health in the picture as he stands unaided next to the monarch.

The Queen was wearing a yellow dress, designed by her stylist and close friend Angela Kelly, alongside the Cullinan V diamond brooch.

The Duke was photographed wearing a blazer and his Household Division tie.