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Meghan Markle’s First Ever Awards Presentation Doesn’t Go According to Plan

Meghan Markle appeared at the Endeavour Awards last night at the Goldsmiths Hall in London alongside her fiancé Prince Harry, and presented an award, albeit with a slight hitch.
Meghan was called up to the stage to help present the second award of the night, the Celebrating Excellence Award, alongside past winner Neil Heritage. 
She told the audience that she was “truly privileged to be here” and then turned to Heritage to open an envelope announcing the nominees. Rebecca English, the royal correspondent from the Daily Mail captured the moment on video.

Meghan waits patiently while Heritage tries to open the envelope. After a few seconds of struggle, he smiles, causing Meghan to smile as well, leaning in to see if she can help him out. The audience chuckles, and eventually Heritage opens the envelope, and reads the names. 
Meghan and Heritage then announced the winner as Daniel Claricoates, a former soldier who has climbed to some of the highest mountains in Africa and Antarctica with 65 Degrees North. 
Claricoates, who is from Plymouth, was awarded the Military Cross for his tours in Afghanistan. After returning home, he noted that he was dealing with a severe case of PTSD.
“I don’t really feel deserving,” Claircoates said to reporters afterwards. “It’s like the other award I have the privilege to wear – it’s not my award.”
The Endeavour Awards marks the first evening engagement for Meghan. She and Prince Harry attended a pre-ceremony reception for VIP guests including the nominees, Endeavour participants and funders. 
The Endeavour Fund is a branch of The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, and uses seed funding for “sporting and adventure challenges and helps emerging initiatives with advice, hands-on support and mentoring.”
“The Royal Foundation hopes that the Endeavour Fund will inspire many more wounded Servicemen and women to explore new physical challenges as part of their recovery,” reads their website, adding that the Fund also hopes to help rebuild confidence and look ahead with “optimism to the next chapter of their lives.”

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