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British Royals

Lady Amelia Windsor to star in fashion campaign for favourite designer of Duchess of Cambridge

Lady Amelia Windsor is 36th in line to the British throne and has been named by Tattler magazine as “the most beautiful member of the Royal Family.”

With the success of her latest modelling appearance where she took to the runway at the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan, Lady Amelia will participate in a campaign for Penelope Chilvers, one of the favourite designers of Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge.

Penelope Chilvers boots have been worn by The Duchess of Cambridge for over a decade, most recently during the 2016 royal tour of Bhutan and India.

Lady Amelia can be seen in a short promotional film for the line that was shot in Andalucia, Spain at the El Rocío, a massive spring annual festival. Lady Amelia is shown enjoying the sights and sounds of Spain, before joining the festivities after changing into local fashion and a pair of Penelope Chilvers boots, of course.

“I invited her to join us at El Rocío because I knew she would genuinely enjoy the experience,” designer Penelope told Hello Canada.

The designer went on to say that although they were in Spain to work, the two made sure to have a little fun and explore as many sights that Andalucia has to offer tourists. She also praised the young royal for her work ethic and for delving into the local culture before shooting the film.

Lady Amelia is the third child of George Windsor, Earl of St. Andrews and his wife, Sylvana Tomaselli. The two married in 1988. The Earl of St. Andrews is the son of Edward, The Duke of Kent who is cousin to Her Majesty The Queen. Lady Amelia has two older siblings, Edward Windsor, Lord Downpatrick and Lady Marina Charlotte Windsor.