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How to write to the royals this Christmas

While most of us do not have a chance to interact with royals on a personal level, you can include them in your holiday celebrations. You can write a letter to a member of any royal family and will usually receive a response, but the most popular time to write to the royals is during the holiday season. 

Here are some tips on how to write the perfect holiday greeting to a royal this year.

Use Official Mailing Addresses and Preferred Forms of Address 

Ensure that you send your Christmas card or letter to the correct address by confirming the official mailing address on the royal family’s website. Each royal family handles mail differently, and addresses can change depending on a number of factors, so it is best to confirm the address through official channels. 

You can open your card with their style, ie. Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness, Your Serene Highness. Most royal families, including the British Royal Family, have stated that this is not a requirement. You will want to avoid addressing them personally unless you know them well. 

Selecting an Appropriate Card 

Sending cards to royals can be an excellent opportunity to support your local artists and introduce whichever royals you have chosen to their work. It does not need to have anything specific on it but should not have anything inappropriate included. 

Writing a Brief Message

For the most part, it is best to keep your message brief. Many royals receive thousands and thousands of cards a month, even before the holiday season, and cannot spend all day reading, unfortunately. It is best to offer your holiday wishes and comment on their projects if you would like. 

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Do Not Send Gifts

For the most part, members of any royal family cannot accept gifts. The royal may have to pay to mail the gift back to you, or it may be donated. In any case, skip sending a gift with your card and donate it on their behalf. 


Most working royals will send a reply through their household. The late Queen Elizabeth II had her ladies-in-waiting send letters, and her son and grandson would each send photocards with a notable photo from that year. Depending on when you’ve sent your Christmas card to the royal(s), you may not receive a response until January, February or maybe even March.

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