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British Royals

King Charles III dissolves parliament

The King has formally dissolved parliament as the UK prepares for a general election.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told King Charles III on May 22nd that he intended to call an election with the poll taking place on July 4th 2024.

Parliament was prorogued days later and on May 30th 2024, dissolution took place.

It means that this parliament is officially at an end and all seats in the House of Commons are now vacant.

Voters will choose new MPs in the election. The party or grouping with the largest number of MPs will then be eligible to be the first to send their leader to The King who will ask them if they are able to form a government. If they are, they will ”kiss hands” with The King and a new administration will start to take shape.

This new parliament is set for a State Opening on July 17th 2024.

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