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Duke of Kent involved in a car crash

The Duke of Kent, 83, was involved in a car crash with a student in Brighton earlier this month on the evening of 2 June.

The Queen’s cousin was in a crash on the A27 when he allegedly pulled out onto the roadway in his Jaguar in front of student Olivia Fellows, 21, who slammed the breaks of her Mini Cooper to avoid hitting the Duke.

After applying her brakes, Fellows, who had been going roughly 60mph, spun toward and hit the central reservation. Her car clipped a curb and buckled the wheel arch of her vehicle.

“I was driving north at 60mph, and suddenly the Jaguar pulled out in front of me. I saw the Jag to my left, and it looked like he was going to go, then hesitated and changed his mind and went to go again.

“He shot across the road, but it was so close that if I hadn’t emergency braked, I would have gone straight into the middle of his car,” she explained.

She claims her Mini Cooper was written off after the accident. She also told the Daily Mail that she was “in shock” and “stunned.”

Two women jumped out of their cars to check on Ms Fellows and took down the number plate on the vehicle. It was then discovered that the plate was registered to Buckingham Palace.

Sussex police commented on the crash saying, “Police were called to a collision on the A27 at Firle around 8.30pm on Sunday, June 2. A vehicle collided with the central reservation close to the junction with Lacys Hill, reportedly after avoiding colliding with another vehicle. No injuries were reported, and inquiries are ongoing.”

Fellows, who argued the Duke shouldn’t be allowed on the road, has said she’s not received any communication from the Duke or Royal Family. It is not known if the Duke of Kent was aware that the collision had taken place behind him.

Fellows added, “The other car drove off because presumably, they hadn’t seen what happened. How someone can be so unaware of what’s happening on the road is beyond me.”

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A spokesperson for the Royal Family confirmed the crash saying, “A royal household vehicle was involved indirectly in a collision on June 2 in Sussex. All the relevant details have been passed to the police.”

The incident comes months after The Queen’s husband, the Duke of Edinburgh was involved in a serious crash on the A419 after pulling out of the Sandringham Estate.

His Range Rover collided with a Kia carrying two women and a baby. Prince Philip was uninjured, but the driver of the Kia suffered cuts to her arm while her passenger had a broken wrist.

The Duke of Edinburgh later voluntarily surrendered his licence.

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