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ICYMI: All the Queen’s Outfits from Royal Ascot 2019

The Queen had a good Ascot and so did the bookies, thanks in part to the now customary practice of predicting the colour of the royal hat in carriage number one. Betting on the Queen’s choice of topper is as much a part of Ascot as the royal procession itself and this year, Her Majesty kept everyone on their toes by favouring one shade in particular. ICYMI or even if you didn’t and just fancy a reminder of some rather lovely hats, here’s a look back at all the Queen’s outfits from Royal Ascot 2019.

Day One

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Blue was the colour for day one of Royal Ascot with the Queen choosing a single breasted coat by Angela Kelly for the debut day of this year’s meeting. The bookies are never so specific, generally going for an overall description like blue but for those who like to be precise, this creation is cornflower.

The hat was a bit of a style departure for Her Majesty with its oversized silk flowers and pinned back brim. And where the Queen led, the other royals followed with both the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge also in blue as Ascot 2019 got under way.

Day Two

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Day two was all about blue for the Queen as well as she arrived at a rainy Ascot without her umbrella so everyone got a good look at her hat during the carriage procession.

But which shade of blue is this? If you went for pale sky, light azure or not navy then you were wrong. The Queen’s second outfit of Ascot was by Stewart Parvin who described the look, on Twitter, as ”silk bourette tweed coat in mottled duck egg, worn with a co-ordinating floral printed silk dress”. HM’s hat was by Rachel Trevor Morgan in a matching shade of blue and decorated with co-ordinating silk flowers.

Day Three

Day three, Ladies’ Day, saw the Queen opt for a silver and gold combination that was every bit the stand out look of Ascot week this year.

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The dove grey textured coat featured intricate daffodils embroidered around the neckline while the wide brimmed hat with feather details featured more silk flowers.

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It also showed just how well the Queen knows Ascot – could anything look better against the elegance of the famous Gold Cup which Her Majesty presented at the end of one of the showpiece races of the meeting.

Day Four

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The Queen’s decision to wait until the Friday of 2019 Royal Ascot to go all rosy made the bookies very happy indeed as they’d seen increasing numbers of people opt for the shade on days two and three then give up by the time the pink made an appearance. This Angela Kelly creation was generally described as ‘raspberry’ while the hat with its ostrich feather detail was perhaps the closest to the Queen’s usual style that we’d seen all week.

Day Five

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Yes, it’s the day of Royal Ascot that many people forget happens at all. The world famous meeting actually ends on a Saturday and in 2019, after several days of weather that included below average temperatures and showers, the Queen brought out a very spring like look to end the festivities. The pale green mottled coat was paired with a hat heading towards a topper and festooned with more of the mixed silk flowers that had become the hallmark of Her Majesty’s 2019 Ascot wardrobe.

And that was the race meeting over for another year. But hold on to your hats, the bookies have no doubt got the boards ready for 2020 when all eyes will be on carriage one again to see which colours the Queen picks for Royal Ascot.

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