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Get a tree like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex this holiday season

By Superbass - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wiki Commons

The holiday season is right around the corner and royal fans can add a little bit of regal decoration to their homes. Fans of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can order a Christmas tree from one of their favourite shops.

British retailer Pines & Needles is offering to deliver, install and dress a 6-foot Nordmann Fir for shoppers who are looking for a little less hassle this holiday season. However, the tree comes with a hefty price tag of £1,500.

The retailer reportedly sold Prince Harry and Meghan a tree in 2016. The two are said to have held hands as they carried the £65 tree back to their car after some incognito holiday shopping.

Each tree sold will come with 100 ceramic ornaments from the luxury brand, Villery & Boch. Those ornaments include classic holiday characters and hand-painted scenes.

Shoppers are able to order online or they can purchase the tree in Pines & Needles locations throughout London.

If you’re looking to make your tree last longer this season, Pines & Needles shared their tips for having a long-lasting tree.

  • Prepare the trunk
    • Before installation, cut the bottom 3cm of the trunk off to create fresh pores in the bark. Those pores will allow water to be absorbed, keeping the tree from drying out faster.
  • Trees need routine
    • Keep trees stored in steady temperatures to not expose the tree to sudden changes.
  • Keep the tree away from heat sources
    • Trees dry out faster in heat. They should be kept in a cool place to maintain freshness.
  • Water the tree
    • Place the tree in plain water within the Christmas Tree stand. This will help to hold your tree up straight.
  • Keep watering
    • Trees are likely to drink 1-2 litres of water per day depending on their size. If water runs out, pores will close preventing the tree from absorbing water in the future.

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