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Duke of Sussex reportedly to take part in military exercise in Norway

Prince Harry is reportedly joining British troops in Norway for a military exercise meant as a means of mock conflict against Russia in the coming weeks.

The news, reported exclusively by The Daily Mirror over the weekend, says that Prince Harry will join the troop in his ceremonial role as Captain General of the Royal Marines, and will not be participating as a soldier.

A military source told the Mirror that “Prince Harry will be totally immersed in the exercise, and he will be privy to top-secret battle plans.”

The training exercise will reportedly be over 1,000 “elite commandos practising a counter-attack against a Russian invasion of Norway, which lies on Europe’s northern flank against Russia and is vulnerable to invasion.”

The source continued, “It will be high-tempo, extremely realistic and his involvement is good news for the Marines, who will see his involvement as a very positive message of encouragement to the Corps.

“They are the main force who will protect Europe’s northern flank in the event of a conflict, the tip of the spear, and it is important Harry is among the troops.”

This is the biggest Arctic military exercise by the Royal Marines in decades, which comes as tensions between Russia and Europe are heating up.

According to the Mirror, the military exercise will see special forces either parachuting in or arriving by boat; with “light-armoured Marine vehicles [moving] in,” and “there are expected to be mortar, rocket, artillery, and anti-tank attacks, and Marines will ski into action.” The Marines will hold the position until reinforcements arrive.

Prince Harry became Captain General of the Royal Marines in December 2017, following his grandfather, Prince Philip’s, retirement from the position.

A palace source reportedly told the Mirror that “The Duke is relishing his role with the Royal Marines and is taking it extremely seriously.”

Kensington Palace is not expected to release information about the military exercise.

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