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Déjà vu for Prince Harry as he sleeps on board a Fleet Auxiliary Ship

For six nights during his fourteen-day Caribbean tour, Prince Harry is staying aboard a Royal Fleet Auxiliary boat. According to protocol when a member of the royal family is on board or a senior Naval officer, they are given the Captain’s cabin on the tanker.

The Captain’s quarters aren’t much larger than officers quarters, but a source told The Mirror that staying on the ship reminds the Prince of his days in the British Armed Forces. Prince Harry has been chatting and interacting with the seventy-two crew members. “He is really liking life on board, he took to it immediately and he is enjoying getting to know the crew and talking to everyone he meets. It is a reminder of his days as a serving officer in the Armed Forces.” The royal isn’t living it up with fancy meals or luxury accommodations as some might expect. “He is eating his meals with the team and the officers on the ship, in the mess with the other sailors. It is very traditional fare, a standard English breakfast and good, no frills food for other meals when he is on board.”

Nor does the former military man expect or demand any special treatment. “The Prince does not get any special treatment and nor would he ever want any from the crew. “He has, though, been given the captain’s cabin, in line with standard protocol when the ship hosts a member of the Royal family or a senior naval figure, and he is incredibly grateful for that.”

Prince Harry left the island of St. Kitts on Wednesday evening. It will take twenty hours for the vessel to ferry him to the next stop on the royal tour, St. Lucia, where he has engagements scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

Whilst on board, everyone is cut off from the mainland; there is no mobile or internet reception, just a radio for emergency and essential communication. This isn’t anything new to the Prince. He spent ten years in the military, some time in Antarctica where communication was sparse, and in Africa where he spent this past summer helping to transport endangered elephants.