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The Cambridges

William and Kate arrive at evening reception in rickshaw as an exception is made to allow vehicle in Islamabad

As they arrived at the evening reception at the Pakistan monument this evening, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge rode in an auto-rickshaw to embrace the Pakistan culture.

The rickshaw is banned by the government in Islamabad, but a special exception was made to allow the Duke and Duchess to get to experience the unique and colourful vehicle.

On Twitter, Pakistani royal follower, Zara (@royalspotlight) revealed that the exception was made for William and Kate, ” Fun (?) fact: rickshaws are not allowed in Islamabad. They have made an exception for this visit, otherwise they’re banned in the city.”

She further explained that the reason they are banned is due to noise, pollution and the class system, “They are quite loud, so plenty of noise pollution that way. Also, it’s considered to be transport for lower-income people, and Islamabadis are very, very classist, so rickshaws do not please their eye that way.”

William was also dressed in traditional Pakistan dress for men (sherwani) in what many saw as a nice way to honour the culture of their hosts like Kate has done for the majority of the tour so far. It was unique to see as royal men do not usually dress in native outfits like the women; they usually stick to suit and tie.

Kensington Palace has said the evening reception is to celebrate “the very best of Pakistani music and culture, as well as highlighting the prosperous UK-Pakistan relationship.”

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