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The #Royalteaparty was a smashing success

Yesterday, 24 September, Royal Central along with What Would Kate Do? hosted the #RoyalTeaParty to celebrate the start of the Royal Tour of British Columbia and the Yukon by the entire Cambridge family.

The event took place in the heart of downtown Vancouver at the quaint Pâtisserie Für Elise where royal watchers and fans alike gathered to share their respect for the Royal Family.

With a prize being given out for Best Dressed, everyone was in top form in their suits or fascinators! A trivia game was also played to test the knowledge of the participants with an assortment of gifts for those who knew the answers.


From left to right; Megan Dylla, Marrissa McCaffery, Karen Dylla, Robin McCaffery

Royal fan, Karen Dylla did exceptionally well, winning a large portion of the prizes. Dylla plans on getting up before the sun even rises on 25 September to stake out the best spot at Jack Poole Plaza to see the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. However, should she be luckily enough to meet the royal pair this will not be the first time she has met a member of the Royal Family.

In 2006, Dylla ventured to City Hall in Vancouver to see the Wessexes who were in town to celebrate the Paralympics.  The event was fairly quiet so Dylla had the chance to chat with the Countess of Wessex.

“We had a very nice little chat” recalled Dylla “I talked to her about her baby and her hair cut and we were just kind of getting into it when Sophie’s eyes went about eight inches to the left and there was a lady there with a dog and she just went ‘Oh look at you’ and that was the end of that conversation”.

So Dylla’s take away, is always bring a dog with you when meeting the Royals! She will even be bringing her own dog down to Kits point to try her luck out with the Duke and Duchess.